Our goal at Painted Path Art Therapy, LLC is simple.

Our goal at Painted Path Art Therapy, LLC is simple. Feeling deeply seen, heard, and understood in the therapeutic connection, is healing in and of itself. When blended with art therapy techniques, our art therapists facilitate opportunities for clients to engage in art making that will highlight strengths and insights they can leverage to overcome life's challenges. We strive to help our clients restore balance, find meaning in their challenges, experience growth, and optimize their well-being.


Group therapy can serve as a beacon for clients to realize that they are not alone in their struggles. Shared perspectives add value to the healing journey through empathy, compassion, peer support, and accountability.

Adult Grief Group - Coming Soon

Children's Grief Group - Coming Soon

Art, Fun, & Feelings: An Art Based Approach to Learning about Managing Emotions  


Workshops can be tailored to the needs of your event or organization. Examples of some previous workshops include SoulCollage, combined art & yoga, mask making, visual journaling, no sew wish dolls, magic wands, super hero capes, and more. They cover topics such as managing emotions, grief, building community, empowerment, cancer support and more. If you are looking to foster a sense of community at your event or agency, contact Painted Path Art Therapy, LLC and an art therapist will design a workshop to meet your needs.


Individual Sessions are generally once a week and last 60 minutes. The first session will include an art therapy assessment wherein the client completes a series of art oriented tasks. This helps us get to know the client better, and develop a course of treatment as unique as the individual. During each session thereafter, a variety of art materials are made available to our clients including: painting, drawing, clay, sculpture, chalk, oil pastels, mixed media. The client may be guided through an art experience, but clients are also encouraged to bring inspiration of their own as well. It is a great opportunity to explore a technique one has always wanted to try, but never quite found the time for.


Our art therapists are available to speak to your group or professional organization on the topics of art therapy, art and healing, enhancing well-being through the arts, self-care, art and spirituality, and art as communication. 

Miss Melissa does not pressure me and doesn’t mind when I have big feelings.
— Client