Art therapy is an evidence-based treatment that uses a wide variety of art tools and processes to improve physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Originating from psychoanalysis in the 1940's, art therapy as it is practiced today can be used to assess, diagnose, and treat individuals in a variety of settings including medical, education, mental health, physical rehabilitation, vocational training, and addiction recovery. It can be a primary treatment method or can work well as a complementary therapy.


Art therapy is especially useful when there are barriers to verbal communication or when roadblocks arrive in other therapeutic strategies. However, any individual can benefit from art therapy. Research indicates that creating art changes the brain in ways that benefit young and old alike. Those with little to no art experience as well as those who make art regularly can gain from this method. Art therapy is a helpful strategy for adjusting to life's challenges whether they are emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual. Not all art is messy work. A good art therapist can tailor sessions to the needs and preferences of the client.


Science shows that making art can have positive effects on mood, brain development, and even lower blood pressure. However, taking a class or making art on your own does not replace the value of working with an art therapist when clear and effective solutions to life's challenges elude us.

An art therapists must obtain a master's degree in art therapy from an accredited university. The curriculum of these programs cover ethics, psychology, counseling techniques, human development, diagnosis, art therapy theory & techniques, as well as completing a practicum and 1,000 hour clinical internship.

This training qualifies them to use art techniques and mediums to strategically address the goals and growth their clients seek. If you are looking for answers about an issue you have been struggling with in your life, or your child is struggling, contact Painted Path Art Therapy, LLC to arrange a free consultation to discover how art therapy can help you find solutions that bring balance and peace to your life.